Tuesday, December 2, 2014

the struggle is real.

There is a common thread among all people between the ages of 18 and 25. We're all wondering, "what is my purpose?" and "will I make a difference?" and "how will I make a difference?" and, lastly, and perhaps the most terrifying, "who am I going to spend the rest of my life with?"
We search and we beg God and we plead with others to speak some profound word that will forever change the course of our lives and send us flying with blinders on into a specific career path. We crave direction. We say things like, "God if you'll tell me, I'll do anything you ask, just tell me what your will is. I'm dying here." We don't want to look back, or get distracted, or feel confused, or second-guess. We want to know and we want to know now. It's funny how our world has managed to make almost everything instant. Elevators. Text messaging. Drive-thrus. Coffee. Snapchat.
We can be entertained in an instant. We can eat in an instant. We can communicate in an instant. But we can't decide our future in an instant. We can't know what the future holds. We can't predict other's actions. We can't know how those decisions will affect us.
Here is my challenge to myself, and to all those other "young adults" out there: don't worry about it. Today is all we have and today is all that's promised. Tomorrow is as unpredictable as the wind, and yesterday is as irreversible as that terrible decision to kiss the boy in your economics class with the massive ego and terrible fashion sense. It's done. Finished. Scrub your lips, wash your hands, and move on.
Know where you've been. Know the type of person you want to be and trust Jesus to help you get there. But, for heaven's sake, don't worry about the future-about where you will be from 9 to 5 in the next four years. Live this day. Notice the beauty in it, recognize the messiness, and rest, knowing that He's more concerned about the direction of your life than you are. If you are trusting and waiting, He won't allow you to miss anything worthwhile.

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