Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Conundrums (what a great word)

I'm sitting under a portico, watching the rain fall and drinking a cup of coffee while listening to some girl talk about her problems with birth control.
Today I felt a sense of panic when I thought about working in a hospital all day. I hope this is normal during finals week. I don't mind hard work. In fact, I think I've been a hard worker all my life. I just don't like working for something I'm not sure I want to earn.  A wise person once said to "get trained for something you can use, not your hobby."

Joy is a choice. This I know, but why is it that so often my dreams seem in direct conflict with what is expected? I guess all this deep thought is pointless, because here I sit, outside Social Sciences waiting for history class to begin. No matter how badly I want to break the mold, I know I will go to class. I will apply to nursing school. I will graduate. Why? For whom? I'm not entirely sure. I'll let you know when I figure it out.

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