Monday, April 28, 2014


There is an incredible human being on Kennesaw State's campus. If you came here, you probably wouldn't recognize him. You'd walk up, order your eggs, and be slightly surprised when he asked, "how are you?"
But, after a while, you'd get used to that as well, because he asks you every morning.
You would notice his name tag that says "Alvin"
You wouldn't know that he runs a homeless ministry.
You wouldn't know that he used to be homeless himself.
You wouldn't know that he loves Jesus deeply.

All you'd notice is a smiling stranger who stands resolutely joyful despite a seemingly monotonous occupation. I think we would all do well to take his advice-- "you have to learn to look for God in all the little things."
Every smile.
Every face.
Every struggle.
Every doubt.
Every worry.
Every uncertainty.
Every soul.
You see, there is little bit of God in every person. He created humanity in his image, and if you look closely, you can see glimpses of His beauty, though often tainted by the ugliness of sin.
If you took the time to look, you'd see God in Alvin.
He uprooted a glaringly obvious flaw in my character, and I will forever be grateful. He reminded me that I fail to truly see people. I fail to take the time to invest in every person my path crosses. So often I rush through my day, my thoughts racing ahead, leaving no room to notice the present and the people that surround me.
I've been made aware, once again, that true joy can only be found as you live in the moment, cherishing every opportunity by intentionally striving to make an impact.
Today I'm feeling thankful for the example of this faithful Jesus follower.

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