Friday, January 31, 2014

the beauty of reality.

Today I will put on cover up because my face is currently littered with blemishes. Thousands of girls will take pictures of themselves and edit them until all flaws are virtually invisible. Instagram filters will romanticize their surroundings. The finished product will express a confident woman with incredible skin, a bright smile, and great hair who does amazing activities in her spare time. Beneath the facade is a little girl who is trying to be seen and heard and loved. Men will take pictures in the mirror, flaunting whatever muscle they possess, hoping to be noticed and respected.  In one hand-held device we have the ability to glorify and flaunt a life that we don't live. This kind of power is scary. We can easily live two lives. One is relatable, the other intimidating. One offers hope, the other encourages envy. One has the ability to be bold and confident, while the other is a means of gathering courage and confidence from the affirmation and appreciation of other people. 
The point is, we desire perfection. We seek after it like gold. At times we can avoid vulnerability by showing only the best version of ourselves, while the messiness of day-to-day living remains hidden.
I don't own a smart phone, and this is not because I'm cool and too hipster for trendy gadgets like iPhones. It's because I don't believe I'm strong enough. I fear my tendency to seek acceptance from the wrong places. 
Striving for perfection is my attempt to be good enough---an attempt to be self-sufficient. 
Imperfection necessitates God's intervention. As Christians, we should be the most vulnerable of all people. 
 If Jesus is so dear to our hearts, then what gave Him that place of importance? Yes, it's the very word we hate--imperfection. 

There's no hope for a hurting world in fake lives. So let's be real, Christians. Let's stop hiding behind perfect pictures. Let's not hide our blemishes, hurts, scars, and our struggles, for those drew us to Truth--the very pains that led us to the cross where Jesus gave us His perfection in exchange for our belief and surrender. 

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