Tuesday, December 10, 2013

typical tuesday

I didn't do much social media in high school. Now that I'm in college, I have a Facebook that I use as an excuse to not do anything. It would seem that it's time to take a break.
Missing the mountains. 
In other news, I'm going to be at school four days after the University shuts down- eating Raman noodles and cereal. I work Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday and I'm hoping it's slightly less eventful than my first shift. 
Are there people in your life who you see and you want to say a million things to, but nothing comes out? When they walk away, you can't decide if you would've changed anything, or if you would've just sat there and said nothing again. I have people like that. It's true that "some things are better left unsaid." ...even if it may relieve you to say them in the moment. Then again, we should be sure it isn't our stubborn and prideful selves being afraid of vulnerability, because vulnerability inevitably leads to either acceptance or rejection, and many would claim rejection is a tragic fate. 

I hope you had a happy Tuesday! 

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