Thursday, December 5, 2013


I'm a people watcher. Big time.
Right now...
A boy wipes his face with tired hands as he stares despairingly down at his papers.
Someone scrolls through social media while their notes sit unstudied on their lap.
The pizza maker flirts with an unsuspecting girl who fills her plate with garlic rolls and smiles distractedly.

They're all headed in a direction.  They're headed to finals, and then eventually to graduation, and then eventually to a job, and probably, down the road, to a mini-van with four kids.
We often have plans, but we don't always have dreams. Sometimes we let society choose our plans, sometimes we let our parents, expectations, or logic, but I think that the future should belong to our dreams (as Disney Channel as it sounds...)
For the moment, I'm feeling a little aimless and thinking maybe it's okay to wonder. Maybe it's okay to explore until I figure it out. Maybe a little wandering is good for the soul.
Dreaming often involves failure, always involves faith, and sometimes involves pain, but it leaves no room for regret-and for that reason, I think it's worth it.

May we be brave enough to do what it takes to discover what we want.

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