Sunday, July 7, 2013

a new hobby, jesus thoughts, and time

I haven't blogged in almost two weeks. Therefore, I'm taking this opportunity to go a little crazy and post twice in one day.

I have officially gathered all the necessary equipment to become a hard core climber. My oldest brother is teaching me the ropes (pun intended). I'm excited to see what becomes of this endeavor. Ever since sports have ended, I've been searching for a new way to stay active. I'll let you know how it goes!

So I leave for South Africa in two weeks, and after that I'll be off to college. I'm trying to be excited, but I don't feel anything. I don't know why...

I heard a good devotional thought today.

The more time we spend with Jesus, the larger he becomes in our lives. We begin to sense His presence and sufficiency deeper than before. However, when we allow busyness, distractions, and "life" to take us away from being intentional in prayer and reading the Scripture, He becomes a seemingly small and unimportant part of our lives. Our perception of people begins to seep into our perception of Jesus.

So true.

I've been very distracted lately, and I could hardly tell you why. It feels like a random combination of people, task lists, and agendas.

May the depth of His love, His goodness, and His common grace propel us to set aside some time to listen as He speaks.

Trying to learn to surrender time.

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