Wednesday, June 5, 2013

new faces

There is something incredible about meeting someone for the first time. Two lives filled with different backgrounds, experiences, thoughts, and interests intersect in one moment of time. A moment where either of them could've been anywhere. There is so much to discover and learn from those people, whether you realize they're not someone to be like, or their story inspires you to live in a better way. I used to contentedly remain close to home with the friends I already had, unwilling to venture into the unknown. My old friends are priceless. They're there in the good times, but remain present in the hard seasons. They help me wrestle to find truth amidst chaos. I'm beginning to find that new friends offer something just as valuable. They give me the opportunity to discover where I am in that moment. There's no pressure. There are no presuppositions. I can be whoever I want. At times, I'm sorely disappointed in the way I act, but, at times, I'm excited to find that Jesus is living through me in a deeper way than the year, month, or week before. As a result of this new thought process, I have now begun to seek new faces; expectant to see what the Lord teaches me through them. Who knows? They could become an old friend.

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