Sunday, June 9, 2013

the ultimate pursuit

" The roots of our hearts have grown down into things, and we dare not pull up one rootlet lest we die. Things have become necessary to us, a development never originally intended. God's gifts now take the place of God, and the whole course of nature is upset by the monstrous substitution. "-A.W. Tozer

Wow. How convicting. There is often such a drastic gap between where I am and where I want to be. I want to be close with Jesus, but I refuse to let go of the things in life that are distracting me from him. For me, those things are people. I'm afraid to surrender them, because I don't really believe that He's enough to satisfy. I've convinced myself that I need someone to feel good about myself, or to fill whatever void I'm feeling at the time. The truth is, until we come to the Lord to be filled, He'll let us keep feeling empty. There are times when God is asking us to surrender a relationship, because, though it will be painful, the end result will be something more beautiful than we could ever imagine.
"For all things work together for the good of those who love Him." Learning to be obedient. 

" I only wanted to remove him from the temple of your heart that I might reign unchallenged there. I wanted to correct the perversion that existed in your love. "

I am so thankful for all the gifts He gives. I'm thankful for family, friends, wildflowers, trucks, coffee, horses, rain, sunny days, music, I Love Lucy, and chocolate. I know He's delighted to bless us with those gifts...but I think He's saddened when we pursue the gifts instead of the Giver, convinced that they'll satisfy us. That they'll make us content. I believe they are great things, designed to point us to Himself. I'm also learning that the Lord is a jealous God, who won't stop pursuing us until He has all of our affections.

Read the A.W. Tozer quotes in Dunkin' today... as it was pouring rain. Again. My coffee was already made when I got to the counter. That's how you know you go somewhere too much. 

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