Saturday, June 22, 2013

boys, dating, and the like

Had a date with Jesus today. Life has been a crazy mix of work, friends, and family. It was so nice to escape to a field and let my thoughts go. I sat in a field, leaning against Daisy (my '98 lexus) with a cup of coffee in my hand and watched the sunset.

It's amazing how often I've said that He's enough, but how rarely I rest in that truth. 

Today, I rested. 

I've felt so joyful and content lately...not always happy, but I've definitely been joyful. For instance today I dug through a dumpster looking for the phone I lost, sprained my ankle, and screwed up several orders at work. Needless to say, I've had easier days. Somehow though, it was marked with a sense of peace.

I'm being reminded that, as Christians, our satisfaction is entirely separate from our circumstances. What a spectacular truth!

I feel so free to pursue whatever God wants for my life. I've dated different boys, but I'm okay if a relationship isn't in His plans for me. He is enough to satisfy. Every time. 

There is so much freedom in that realization. There's freedom to love people without worrying about what they think. There's freedom to be yourself. I think girls panic that they'll be alone, and so they pursue boys relentlessly, but Solomon urges us to, "not awaken love until it pleases." May we learn to rest in the single life!
Today I was reading in Romans where Paul says to "love one another with brotherly affection." That's our call, and so that's what I'm trying to do...with every single person my path crosses.

 It's silly to think that I care more about who I spend the rest of my life with than my Creator does! He holds every detail in His hand. I will go full steam ahead with life:  college, nursing school, some big city for a while, and missions in a 3rd world country...and if I can fit a few dates in, so be it. 

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